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With so many great apps developed by outsourcing companies and engineers, there are still lots of many scary stories about projects that went awry. Mobile application development industry appears to be one of the most profitable. For this reason, many novice developers and cowboys with a total lack of knowledge and experience try to conquer the niche and grab their piece of a pie. It results in low-quality services and inability to meet the deadlines. All app development firms promise exceptional quality and provide other guarantees.

However, one can never know if they are true before hiring mobile app developers for a particular project. GrupsApp is a perfect solution to the problem. We managed to create a huge database of the best iOS app and Android app developers as well as designers, engineers and testers for all other major mobile platforms. Here at GrupsApp you can read detailed mobile app development companies reviews and customers’ references choosing the very firm to meet your expectations.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Application Development Companies

Whenever you come up with an idea of building an award-winning apps and games, you need to find a professional team that will bring your ideas to life. There are several common mistakes you need to avoid when choosing mobile web application development firms to create app.


Always check whether a company uses freelancers or offshores its work. This factor is of great importance as it may influence the time necessary to implement the project as well as final results. Try to add as few extra parties to the project as possible. The best bet is to choose established top app development companies with proven professionals brought to one place.

Avoid Cheap “Bargains”

Buying cheap means buying twice. Whenever you have an exciting plans and you need the work done, you want it done as good as possible. Companies that underprice their services are very unlikely to meet your requirements. Hey simply want to take money from you. High-quality service will never cost lower than the average market price.

Portfolio and Previous Experience

The only way to check with company’s previous experience is to look at its portfolio and existing apps, customers’ references. Testimonials and reviews. Most clients underestimate this factor and rarely play attention to this section on the website of the firm.

GrupsApp is your ideal solution when choosing the best team for your project. Our website offers a list of some most reputable and trustworthy companies in accordance with reviews, customers’ references and ratings. Developers’ database is expanded all the time. Keep in touch with new firms at our website.