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Appster is a development focused company that was founded in 2011 by Josiah Humphrey. Located in Australia, India and America. This organization has released thousands of applications, that helped business to grow.  Appster specializes on growth hacking, project strategy, user acquisition, business consulting and retention strategy. The firm finds innovative approach for every business.

Appster Services

  • Web product development
  • Software development for businesses
  • Mobile software development

Appster Development Process

  1. Idea. The primary thing for us is to understand customer’s goal. Then it allows us to get a great idea and find mechanisms of its realization. We prepare our technical documentation that is used through the whole process.
  2. Wireframing. In order to get started we need good wireframes. We consider all elements of the application and make the sketches.
  3. Building Design. When we have basic wireframes it is time to craft the design. It includes drawing of brand logos, icons, and graphics.
  4. Functional Development. This is a responsible task of our developers who add “Life” to the mobile apps projects. When the code is added, the application starts functioning.
  5. Application Testing. Quality of the application also depends on our testers, because they scan every feature and record mistakes. In such case we try to exclude any bugs.
  6. Removing Bugs. Then we are fixing detected bugs to be sure that the application is on the last development stage.
  7. App Store Submit. The ready software application should be submitted to the App store. Now the application owner can make money on it.

Mobile Product Planning

This is one of our provided services, aimed to help businesses. Appster delivers quality mobile strategy services.

Mobile Design Creation

Designing new applications our team achieves great results, because we use conceptualization as a base. Beautiful design is a sign of quality mobile apps.

Mobile Product Creation

We are the most talented and experienced development firm from San Francisco, that delivers Android and iOS software products.

Application Launch

From time to time you will need the application support services. We will assist you to keep you mobile application maintained.


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