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Nowadays, ArcTouch is flourishing app development company with more than two hundredemployees and numerous clients around the world. That is why it is so hard to believe that only 7 years ago, there were only two enthusiasts with brilliant ideas – Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman. Roommates at college, they worked together at Apple and could not miss a chance to establish their own business. Once iPhone was launched, they found a great opportunity to make their ideas become a reality.

ArcTouch realizes the connections between the brand and its customers and that it is the key to company’s success. Members of our team believe that as soon as a customer downloads and installs the app, it is an ArcTouch responsibility to present them with the original product, which brings pleasure and amazing experience.  Of course, mobiles phones were just the beginning, as the world of technologies develops increasingly and ArcTouch tries to keep pace with it.

ArcTouch Services

ArchTouch provides services in the sphere of App Development and Design. You can come across our products on Phones and Tablets, Watches and Wearables, TV Platforms, at Home and Cars. Some further examples are iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fire TV, Microsoft Sync, Philips Hue etc.

All our services could adapt to your needs as ArcTouch’spriorities are clients. We provide:

Mobile Strategy: we research your needs and define long-term strategy, select a team and help client to define their app MVP through quick workshops;

Design: ArcTouchapplies its experience to create unique design, app architecture, and convenient UI;

App Development: best people build, test and launch your app, regardlesslywhether it’s for iOS, Android or HTML5;

Lifecycle Management: ArchTouch provides 24/4 Maintenance of an app so that it functions in a proper way.

ArcTouch Development Process

You are not only our client but also a partner, as we keep you involved from the beginning until the order is completed. We use innovative process, which allows you to have your order done rapidly and qualitatively. Automated tests and constant integration, as well as video screencasts, are ArcTouch’s way to QA.


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