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Welcome to the Big Nerd Ranch review where you can find all necessary information about the company as well as services it delivers. Here you will learn more about the development process established by Big Nerd Ranch in addition to company’s extra solutions. introduces a team of versatile specialist who deal with not only app development but also design. A pool of proven experts also come as teachers and instructors. They may come in handy every time you need to benefit from an effective brainstorming to generate some best ideas for your new product. According to Big Nerd Ranch review, the company boasts a team of dedicated and skillful writers who have already come up with several bestsellers describing some of the following issues:

  • Big Nerd Ranch iOS development tips;
  • The stages of Big Nerd Ranch Android development process;
  • Big Nerd Ranch solutions;
  • Big Nerd Ranch iOS programming and many other essential issues.

The website comes as an endless source of useful information for both customers and developers. The articles are regularly updated. They deliver tons of useful tips and things to learn and read.

Big Nerd Ranch Services

Big Nerd Ranch has been delivering its full-scale development and design services for more than 15 years. The company has already gained flawless reputation among customers from different countries. The clients’ base includes some big names in the industry as well as promising startups with a huge potential. Here at, you can learn more about services it provides. We will highlight some of them in our Big Nerd Ranch review.

The services include:

  • Big Nerd Ranch iOS design and development – iOS specialists will build any product for you from scratch. They deal with every stage of iOS programming Big Nerd Ranch also deals with prototyping and submitting the app for iOS Big Nerd Ranch;
  • Big Nerd Ranch Android design and development – the company never deals with outsourcing and freelancers. Every stage of the development process is completed inside the team. When developing an app for Android Big Nerd Ranch specialists can adopt any new technology at short notice without wasting your precious time;
  • Design and Prototyping – the company uses various frameworks and the latest trends to implement brilliant UX design. Special methodology makes it easy for the team members to understand their customers’ needs. Prototyping will make it clear if they have the same vision of the product compared with their clients.
  • Resting and Support – is the company where you can always count on efficient QA testing and support of your future app. The product is submitted after all necessary revisions and testing.

Big Nerd Ranch Development Process has worked out a clear and efficient development process. It consists of several typical stages. They include:

  • revealing customers’ goals and objectives;
  • streamline the core of the future project;
  • Wire Framing, Design and Prototyping;
  • The Development Process;
  • QA testing and support;
  • Submission to the mobile marketplace depending on the platform.

Every time customers need to make the release of their product successful and swift Big Nerd Ranch will certainly be a good company to choose.


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