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blue fountain media

Here at Blue Fountain Media, they rely on the award-winning combination of great work and great people. Both create an efficient symbiosis to establish customer-oriented approach.

Founded by Gabriel Shaoolian, Blue Fountain Media from the very start was aimed at delivering premium quality digital service developing prize-winning websites for all tastes and preferences. The company made its debut in 2003 delivering effective digital solutions for startups and well-established businesses. For almost 15 years, they have been strengthening the idea of creative and expertise union of the most dedicated professionals in their fields.

Today, they boast a pool of passionate and creative designers, experienced strategists, skillful developers, project managers and marketers to handle any project in spite of its complexity. Their team has established a collaborative approach generating some of the most efficient and up-to-date solutions and following the latest market trends. Creativity, interest and dedication to what they do make their company stand out from tons of other service providers. Customers really love working with us, as their team includes a set of experienced communication specialists and support managers.

They mainly focus on customers’ goals and needs to deliver a product they expect. Their company additionally provides effective tools that enable a rapid growth as well as increased rates for any project. Their every customizable solution makes it easy to bear fruit and generate high revenues.

Creating award-winning web and mobile solutions is their major specialization. they are aimed at creating a strong representation for the customer’s brand letting it stand out from the main rivals in the niche. Blue Fountain Media is the best bet if you have a true value for the results but not for the expectations.

Blue Fountain Media Services

They provide full-scale digital services that refer to a selection of different verticals. Whether you represent a small startup or a mid sized company, you will definitely find their services handy when it comes to generating leads, implementing effective social media tactics or brining their sales to a new level.

Blue Fountain Media Development Process

Every trusted company should have a clear structure of the development process letting their customers understand what they actually charge for. Blue Fountain Media is not an exception. They have conducted an efficient and proven development process to develop a product you expect to get in the long run.

Their aim is not just to build a product for you. Their experts try to discover your purposes, needs and goals in order to choose the right mobile platform for the future product as well as the best marketing and promotion strategies to get your app to the top. They have a team of exceptional iOS and Android developers to provide more opportunities for your business within major mobile platforms. The main mission is to develop an app that will appear to be a great problem-solving tool for your target audience.

We pay attention to every detailed including the content provided by the application. They try to make it informative delivering some essential advantages of your product and handy at the same time. Their designers keep an eye on UX and UI features to enable 100% usability in addition to user impression and engagement.

It is crucial to build an application that can boast high level of usability. Once your users find the app too complicated when using it for the first time, they will hardly come back. Their mission is to avoid any possible misses when it comes to premium quality design. They also deal with content managing to take your customers from one step to another. They start feeling like you are eager to treat them right and take care of them. Intuitive-friendly interface, menu and other essential features will make it easy for new users to rich maximum engagement with your application. This is what they actually do at Blue Fountain Media.

Keeping in touch with the attest trends of the mobile market is essential in order to rich a success. Their specialist come up with all necessary updates and modifications to make your product better if compared with the main competitors. They provide a great balance between animation, latest mobile design trends, animation and other features that can make the application more entertaining and engaging. On the one hand, it will look more interesting and capturing for the user. On the other hand, he or she will never be overwhelmed with the amount of unnecessary elements, components or empty content.

Attractive visualization is among their main specialization. Their mission is to make your brand as recognizable as possible letting it stand out from the main rivals in the market. At the same time,they highlight some of the key advantages and features that refer to your business or services in particular.

Building a brilliant app is not enough to benefit from leading positions in the segment. The product calls for regular modifications, updates and corrections to meet the expectations of the target audience.

Their mission is to ensure 100% efficient operation of the product. At the same time,they have a team of experienced QA engineers and testers. They will do their best to guarantee exceptional users’ experience when using your application. They also handle maintenance and digital support of the product as well as its promotion within a chosen mobile platform.


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