Blue Rocket

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Blue Rocket is American company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company focuses on creation of software applications with stunning app design for web and mobile gadgets. This is a leading developer of famous brands like Zinio, Hal Leonard, WebMD and Chipotle.

The service level in company is very big, that is to say Blue Rocket offers optimal solutions for all types of businesses, by offering strategy planning, software application development, marketing and branding services. Clients may anticipate to get post development and post launch software support. There is a plenty of applications successfully working on Android and Apple devices, that were developed by BR team.

Company History

Blue Rocket was formed in 2008 by two friends David Foote and Jess Taylor. They were two colleagues, working in California’s Pacific Gas and Electricity Company in 90s. They gained good technical skills in that company and in 2000 they decided to establish own mobile app development company. Finally it happened in 2008. Nowadays company demonstrates great success among competitors and draws new clients.

Blue Rocket Services

Blue Rocket is your opportunity to get affordable and quality services: primary idea forming, marketing enhancement, application interface planning, application usability consultations, prototypes making, quality product design creation, server and API integration, analysis, geo location and geo fencing, Bluetooth iBeacons, hi-tech mobile technologies for both Android and iOS and business profit consultations.

Blue Rocket Development Process

1 Choosing the concept. We cannot move forward without a great idea for your Andoid app or iOS app. That is why we meet together to discuss the best opportunities for our client.

2 Doing mockups. The following thing is wireframing. This is the structure of future application. Our team makes sketches of all screens.

3 Application design. Mobile or web application includes numerous elements of graphics, pictures, icons, logos. Designers at Blue Rock are attentively drawing every element.

4 Then we code. As you understand the application will never work without properly written code. Developers work incredibly hard to realize the functionality.

5 We test. This part of the process involves all testers from our large quality assurance team. Their aim is to find bugs and test the application quality.

6 Fixing the bugs. Developers begin to fix bugs.

7 Apple store submission. This is the moment to load developed application into the Apple store. Then people can use this iOS app and owner can earn money.

Mobile Application Design

People don’t like when things are complicated, the same can be said about applications. Our team improves application usability making a good design.

Strategy Building for Mobile Application

For starting a new development process we need a good strategy.  Firstly we plan it, then we develop.

Mobile Application Development

We hired the best programmers in San Francisco. Give them a chance to develop mobile application for you.

Post Launch Support Services

Often clients ask us to maintain their applications even after the launch, so we decided to offer this kind of service as well.

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