Devbridge Group

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Devbridge Group

Devbridge Group stands out on the market of custom software with creative design, thorough testing and lively features. It speeds up the product delivery to the market using skilled Product Teams and processes, which are based on metric indicators. Devbridge Group helps vertical executives manage all the aspects of the enterprise: from IT sector to financial utilities.

The company offers a wide range of services, including mobile and web applications for the entrepreneurs of various levels. More than 150,000 produced engineering hours per year help the businesses grow and prosper.

Devbridge Group Services

They offer you assistance at all stages of the product development, which will surely lead to outstanding results and boost the profitability of your business. The skilled team of designers and programmers works side by side to deliver a complex solution and make sure that all your problems are solved in the best possible way. The main goal of their team is to provide every client with fresh look and advanced technologies.

You may think that it is impossible to cope with so many tasks, but they assure you that their profound experience in creating all sorts of websites and using such patterns as Responsive Web Design gives their  team a chance to solve any problem and deliver high quality results, which correspond with all the demands you might have.

If you are interested in having an iOS or Android application to build a strong position on the mobile market, they have lots of instruments to make that happen. It is not a secret that a successful business always has a mobile application. At Devbridge Group they strive to make the best possible solution to get maximum feedbacks from the users and achieve all the goals.

We are not afraid of complex tasks and, moreover, they are looking forward to solve them! Their  team is proficient in various fields and you can rely on us if you want your business to prosper.

Devbridge Group Development Process

You surely have lots of questions to ask and decisions to make. You might be wondering whether you need geo-tracking, offline functionality, a system for sending messages and collection information. they are here to help you solve these problems and specify the solutions, which will fit your business.

They have created a new approach to unite stakeholders and manage the requirements. These aspects are taken into account every minute of every process.

Our team offers lively and flexible applications with outstanding design to make sure that the customers or potential partners can have an overall picture of the company. This development stage takes place every two weeks.

During the implementation of the project they conduct dual tracking:  first on the stage of design and research, and second – on the stage of performance.  This helps us to deliver a complex solution and control every aspect of the project.


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