Dom and Tom

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After its debut in 2009, the NYC-based digital studio has already completed hundreds of end-to-end projects expanding its clients’ base not only in the Big Apple but also in Chicago and Los Angeles. Dom and Tom introduces a pool of specialists who are busy with working on digital market providing their effective mobile solutions or different platforms and purposes. More than 200 employees work like a one team to meet the highest standards of the mobile market as well as requirements of their customers.

Dom and Tom Services

A digital studio from New York is specialized in a vast selection of full-scale services. They may include:

  • Research and Exploration – both are necessary to define the main problem of the project as well as the way it will solve the problem. A team of iOS and Android developers will handle any task in spite of the platform or operating system;
  • Great UX and UI Design – the design may determine a future success of your app. Here at Dom and Tom we have a team of great designers who are ready to implement any UX or UI feature making the app perfect when it comes to usability and the way it looks;
  • App Development and Engineering – a modern app should feature some of the latest technologies and advances. Whether it comes to programming language, UX features, mobile platform any other issue, it should be done flawlessly the way they do it at Dom and Tom;
  • Deployment and QA Testing – We need to make sure every element is running smoothly. For this reason, we implement efficient Quality Assurance and use various testing methods on real devices and emulators.

Dom and Tom Development Process

The company uses Agile methodology letting customers get in touch with every step of the development process. It has the following structure:

  • Problems and Purposes – the first thing we need to do is to identify the problems and purposes of the project. We do the market research to define the main competitors and things customers may expect from your particular product;
  • At the second stage, we conduct an outline or a plan for the further process. It includes all strategies, tools, technological issues and other things we will use to bring your product to life. All the aspects from methodology to testing types are described in the documentation;
  • The third stage includes implementing all features in the app putting all things together. We let our customers track the progress of the project and provide daily reports, stats and description of every step we have made;
  • Completing the Project – the last stage is bringing your product to life. It includes prelaunch, Quality Assurance, testing, deployment and delivery of the app to the target audience.


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