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Fueled is well-known as a provider of award winning programs. We have a huge development background, so in addition to software applications we offer website development services. We are happy to take even challenging tasks. We have to be creative and inventive in order to perform not standard projects, but finally we see customer’s satisfaction and it inspires us again. Businesses of various sizes reach us and ask to create the application. Owing to such engagement we stand out from our competitors.

Fueled Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • UX and UI Design
  • Optimization Services

Fueled Development Process

  1. It is easy to start any project, having great idea in mind. Actually, we work on it jointly with the customer. Then technical writers create product documentation.
  2. The next thing is making wireframes. We do mockups for the future application and present clickable wireframes to customers.
  3. In order to create good website or software applications we need to design it. We are doing interface design and graphic design.
  4. The application coding process is not easy, but our developers have experience in different areas. They create application code accurately and with great attention to details.
  5. When the code is written, testers can see how it works. They use manual and automatic methods of testing to find all errors. Fueled Quality Assurance team may find and resolve any problem in the application.
  6. Our programmers receive tickets from testers through our inner system and fix all bugs. Recoding takes some time, but this is important part of the project.
  7. The final stage is application submission to the Apple store. When this step is performed, clients begin to gain money profit.

Concept and Strategy Planning

Fueled company is a place where creative projects are started. We don’t believe that there are tasks which are impossible to do. Firstly, we try to understand our customer and get a brief concept. Secondly we research some data to analyze the client’s objectives. Then we make main business plan that we use for product development.

Actually joint cooperation with client at this stage is very significant. We always ask our customers to be maximally attentive and specify all key issues. In fact, success of the whole development process depends on proper concept visualization and our experience. Client can rely on us.

When we are ready with the concept we come to client with the answer. In case clients like our idea we start its realization. Usually strategy planning does not take much time, comparing to building wireframes and coding.

Deliverable: Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a detailed description of the application. It explains how every function should work. Technical documentation is used by designers and developers. Also users read the product documentation, where all application features are explained.

Brand and Design

If to browse the Apple store you will see many applications, developed by Fueled. The major of them are popular. It happened due to our team, that is very devoted to quality product development. Every team member performs its unique role. For example, work of designers is as important as work of coders. Good design is a quality sign, because it helps application to be noticed.

Fueled designers are purposed to create attractive program with nice logos and graphics. When the project is big we divide the task between our designers, for example somebody is drawing logos and icons, another designer is making graphic elements. But final application design looks as it was crafted by one individual.

When users see the application for the first time, they evaluate it visually. Only then they try its features. So, good design is a chance to make the first impression on users. As a rule, people make any decision about the application, relying on its design. The most talented designers are employed by Fueled, therefore our company can provide excellent design services.

Development Process and Release

There are some parts of the software product lifecycle. Developers start with technical documentation reading and analyzing the application architecture. The leading programmers and software architects discuss the development issues together.

All stages of this process are supervised by the project manager. The tasks are distributed among developers according to their experience, gained knowledge and skills. The development process can not be finished quickly, so we divided it into some parts. Every part lasts two weeks. Every two weeks we show available results to customers.

Frankly speaking, such development model suits all: clients and out team. Thus, we and clients can be sure that the application is being developed in a right direction. As soon as we are finished with the final release we upload the product to the Apple store. We complete several steps to submit the application to the Apple store until we see it there.


You should not stop when the application loaded to the Apple store, because it needs basic promotion. To put it briefly, people purchase those applications that have high ranking. We know special methods aimed to promote the application.

Quality Support

Fueled team assists customers at any part of the process. We consult, advice and help to choose effective strategies in development, design or marketing. Our marketing team may offer additional services for example to launch demo video or write the press release.

Top Apple Store List

We are very familiar with algorithm used by Apple store. We know what things to do in order to boost your application in the Apple store.


We have several maintenance packages to choose from. If your application is loaded to the Apple store, you need to support it. Here we can offer to add new functions, upgrade the application or simply make the check-up.

Apart from that, we can teach your team and explain them how the application works. We often have inner trainings for our team members, so we will perform good training for your team also.


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