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Infinum is among the pioneers in the field of mobile development. Launched in 2005, the company has gained great reputation In addition to a huge track record of successfully completed projects. Infinum boasts a wide clients’ database that introduces some big names in its fields as well as potentially strong startups from the business perspectives.

According to the latest information review, the company today hosts up to 200 employees as well as representations in different countries. Infinum Zagreb office is the headquarters of the enterprise. The list of specializations is rather wide. contains information on all services delivered by the company.

Its specialists deal with Android and iOS development, mobile and web design, building applications for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices and more. Go to to learn more or read our review for maximum information.

Infinum Services

Here at, you will find a full range of all serviced provided by the company. They are related to every field of the mobile and web development industry. Whether you are planning to build a product from scratch or modify an already existing app, visiting will certainly be a good idea. The list of services includes the following:

  • Mobile and Web Design – the Infinum review shows a high level of company’s expertise when it comes to wire framing, designing and prototyping. Infinum Zagreb boasts a pool of creative and dedicated X/UI designers. They are able to create any prototype to highlight the potential and efficiency of your future app;
  • Web and Mobile development – read our Infinum review and learn more about all kinds of software delivered by the company. Local experts deal with iOS and Android development, QA testing and debugging, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and .NET development.

Our Infinum review contains detailed information about the development process of the company. Read the article to find out some crucial steps of the process from the horse’s mouth.

Infinum Development Process

Every trustworthy company reveals its development process to the customers. This one has also nothing to hide. Our Infinum review contains all vital steps that customers are free to follow together with the developers considering the Agile methodology described at

The stages are as follows:

  • Discussion – the team discusses all necessary issues with the customer to identify his or her key goals and objectives;
  • Strategy – the second stage includes developing of the strategy and presenting it to the customer;
  • Design – wire framing and design are the third stage of the process. Designers introduce the MVP version of the future product;
  • Development – when all necessary preparations are completed, it is high time they launched the development process;
  • QA Testing – this stage involves debugging and code error corrections if necessary;
  • Release – now you can start earning money from your app that is ready to launch.


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