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Intellectsoft is well known as the leading manufacturer of mobile and web software products. We have partnered with numerous small and huge companies, selling then high quality applications. Owing to our hardworking team we released different applications, that brought recognition and money to startups and famous corporations.

The first our project was started in 2007, since that year Intellectsoft has produced around 300 applications. We often develop applications for our returning customers. Currently, we have 200 technology passionate people with a huge technical background. We have established 7 offices in different countries. Intellectsoft team has one common target is to deliver successful application and continue to support it even after the launch day.

Today we are proud to say that we deal with Android, iOS, Windows, ERP, CRM and HTML5 development. Every order for us is particular and we are interested to give our clients complete assistance, when they need to find effective business solution.

Intellectsoft Services

– Mobile Software development

Development application process has greatly changed and today we have more technology possibilities for it than in 90s. Frankly speaking, every person running any business, should know about advantages of mobile application. There are around 250 applications, that were created for iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 and some hybrid mobile gadgets. This is a place where customers may relax and be sure to get perfect application.

We begin and complete any projects. Size of your business is not important for us, because we equally serve small startups and solid companies. In Intellectsoft you fill find absolute freedom for your ideas and new business possibilities. We can implement any concept.

Mobile product development services include the following:

  • Writing technical documentation
  • Alteration of business model
  • Systems integration
  • Making quality code
  • Application testing and  maintenance

Before starting the development process we should consult clients and get from them important details. Intellectsoft experts can assist when:

  • You need to integrate the systems
  • You want to find new possibilities for business
  • You need to increase profits
  • You want to make your business successful
  • You want to get secure digital content
  • You need big data storage

– Android App Development,

– iOS App Development,

– Web Development,

– Enterprise Solutions,

– Services for SMB,

– Consumers and Startups

We will teach all people how to integrate effective business model and modern technology. If you want to have popular business, keep pace with today’s technology. Intellectsoft is your tool for changing technology around you. We will give you the best, developing business mobile applications.

Our projects are different, interesting and unique, whether it is a game development project or business website development. Moreover, our skills and experience allow us to offer people application marketing and promotion. It is vital to grasp that successful business is impossible without technology in our modern world. We can join the business elements and innovative technology.

What we can do:

  • Develop web and mobile games
  • Launch marketing campaign
  • Develop mobile programs
  • Develop web programs
  • Mobile and web design

Intellectsoft team wants to help you with:

  • marketing objectives achievement
  • main concept building
  • forming of launch and production plan
  • application testing
  • Support and Maintenance

Buying a well-developed application you invest in business profit. But don’t forget that all application programs require in time maintenance.  If your business grows you may want to implement new features or functions. Here is the moment when our team can be helpful. Intellectsoft offers diverse maintenance services to support the application product. It includes fixing bugs and regular application updates.

Here is a short list of services aimed to support the application:

  • Program updates
  • Responsible customer support team
  • Application release guidance
  • Program testing and debugging
  • Application performance tuning
  • Application monitoring and its quality performing

– Software Development

Intellectsoft Development Process

The application lifecycle in Intellectsoft involves different processes and comprises of 8 steps. Following these steps we craft perfect applications and present our clients new business opportunities. We used to have two basic versions of application: alpha and beta. Review our development steps below:

  1. Our team gathers required information through research and analysis.
  2. After that we form the prototype of the future program. Clients can see it following special link.
  3. Also we devote enough time to project planning. In other words we discuss budget, fulfillment time and so on.
  4. Our designers prepare two versions of the application graphics, so the client may choose.
  5. We are adding code to the application.
  6. We are carefully testing every screen and function.
  7. Now, it is time to deploy the program.
  8. We deliver maintenance and marketing services.


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