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About JatApp

Founded: 2010
Employees: 11 – 50
Avg. hourly rate: $50 – $150

US Office
300 Arthur Godfrey Rd
Miami, FL 33140
United States

Phone #: +1 415 9931 555

Site: http://jatapp.com/

Take a Wonderful Chance to Develop Your Business with JatApp

JatApp company specializes in mobile development for different mobile platforms and mobile games. The company has been demonstrating wonderful results in developing and providing software services for its clients since 2010. The JatApp team offers clients various services that can enhance their business. The services are mobile application development, prototyping, UI design  and full consulting support on a constant basis. JatApp delivers effective business solutions at very affordable prices. There are representatives of different countries among JatApp clients. Modernized capabilities of the company allows them to provide a proper service globally and to present completed high quality solutions.

JatApp Become #1 Choice for Many Leading Companies

One of the main JatApp objectives is top-notch clients support. Every clients has a dedicated project manager who manages all the development process. Company hires talented specialists and forms a team that can deal with several tasks being equally professional working with iOS, Android, backend development or game development. Moreover, JatApp works with a wide range of programming languages. This allows them to engage more clients, satisfy different needs and be very flexible with the projects that are complex. JatApp is always a partner to rely on while reaching new horizons and becoming successful.

JatApp Offers:

Services for new mobile application. JatApp is a trustworthy partner to support a new project, make an app prototype, design and develop it.

Mobile development services:

▪ QA testing that includes two main options: manual and programmed automatic testing.

▪ Native development for iOS (Swift/Objective C)

▪ Native Development for Android including Java.

▪ Cross platform development (Appcelerator, PhoneGap, SenchaTouch, Titanium, JQuery Mobile)

▪ Game Mobile Development using Unity 3D

▪ Integration of API,SDK

Mobile offers and solutions

▪ App store and internet promotion of a product using the most effective marketing technics and tools;

▪ Promotion on Google Play and App Store.

Server Service

▪ Working with AWS

▪ LEMP, LAMP and custom setup for servers and its support

▪ Optimization of server’s settings

The Process for Reaching the Goals

Software development takes a lot of time. Mobile applications require thorough testing to ensure 100% flawless performance. To deliver best results for its clients JatApp follows 8 steps for development of each project:

1st Step is a deep analysis and research.

2nd Step is developing and designing a clickable version of a prototype that is provided via web link.

3rd Step is creating a detailed technical requirements along with timesheet and project budget.

4th Step is creating a couple of design concepts and final improvement of graphic design

5th Step is development of an application.

6th Step is product testing.

7th Step includes deployment of a developed application.

8th  Step constant optimization and support.

JatApp – How Clients See It

Summing up number of clients’ comments and feedbacks on Clutch.co – JatApp has been a highly rated company for a long time. JatApp clients are always happy with company’s services as they ensure great communication and take into consideration client’s needs. That is what helps company with providing solutions that fit any requirements and are optimized for a client personally.

Also, clients admitted that the company is always ready to answer questions, give comments, advice and provide additional information if needed. It’s easy to keep in touch with the company getting useful data before, during and after placing an order.

JatApp clients are from different countries but all of them are happy with quality of its services provided by the company.

Join the number of happy clients and make yourself closer to your goals!


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