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Metova was founded in 2006 and started with close cooperation with Research in Motion (now Blackberry), that is why development of mobile applications is the main service we provide. We had only 10 employees back then, but all of them made a considerable impact on a foundation of the enterprise.

As a software developer, Metova worked with Android since the first phone on that platform was introduced in 2008. A year later, we havebegun to produce apps for iOS. So nowadays, Metova is experienced in the development of applications for major mobile platforms – BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. Our company always tries to follow modern trends and keeps to date with demands of the market. Once applications become more complicated, with databases, content management, and portals, Metova accepted that challenge and started working in this direction. In 2012, our company, in cooperation with A4 Solutions, expanded their offers in mobile application development to the government sector.

Metova Services

We work on the development of custom applications for iPads and iPhones. Half of our projects concerns iOS, and it is our main competence. Our expert team builds iPad and iPhone applications every week.

If you want to convert your idea into Android app or iOS app, Metova software developer knows how to build it in the best way. We have been working with Android platform for years, so we know how to deal with all tricky matters concerning it.

Modern Windows smartphones are in our competence too. Although it appeared not so long time ago, we are already experts in this sphere.

Apart from mobile app development, Metova builds Web app as well. Each app is somehow related to web that is why we know how to create excellent websites, administrative portals, content management system, and web applications.

Metova Development Process

Key points of Metova development process are:

We create a strategy for your future app. At first, you tell us your desires and requirements, and we come up with business plan to make your app profitable;

Our team members work on the thing, which is extremely important for satisfactory user experience and positive ranks – design. You can be sure that our professional team will make it original;

Our senior employees use only best code practice and innovative techniques during the development itself

Metova team discovers all problems and fixes them efficiently to present you an app that works perfectly on the testing stage;

As soon as the application goes to stores, we provide lifecycle maintenance to keep your loyal customers satisfied with updates and new versions.

What is more, you have an opportunity to send a new employee to Metova for training and they will come back as an experienced developer to continue and develop projects of the company.


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