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Mobiversal is Romanian app development company, which specializes in mobile apps and makes usage of smartphones more enjoyable. It is relatively new member of IT community because it was established in 2011, but our employees are professional with years of experience behind them so that they will bring any of your ideas to life. Our staff consists of approximately 50 members and all of them are friendly and open to new people, so don’t hesitate to apply, if you come across a vacancy. What more, Mobiversal takes care of the welfare of their employees and pays them decent salaries

Having offices not only in Europe but also overseas, in the USA, Mobiversal is a striving to cooperate with people worldwide. So, if you have an idea or two how to build not only apps but also an influential business, you should definitely contact us.

Mobiversal Services

We develop ideas into apps and lead apps to success. That is how it looks like:

Good Strategy: your idea + our experience equal beneficial outcome;

Design: we come up with original interface and look of an app;

Development: our developers strictly follow your requirements and create an app with suitable fronts;

Server Backend: what is the app without matching backend? Of course, we develop it;

Releasing: we save your time and submit an app to various stores;

Presentation: we create a microsite or full-scale website to support an app.

Mobiversal Development Process

At the first stage, we communicate with our clients to understand their vision of future app. We combine their requirements with all we know about efficient and productive app development. Later, we try to foresee all possible challenges and find best solutions.

At the second stage, we define main features and put them together. We draft a framework in the form of wireframes. Then,we know how crucial the design is, so our developers work hard on it to make the app perfect.

On the development stage, the process is divided into sprints, which include different feature sets. The client has a possibility to control and assess, what Mobiversal develops.

After that, the Quality Assurance Team tests the app and correct errors, if there are some and create a Beta Build. On passing the final check, we prepare your app for submission to App Store or give you everything needed so that you could do it yourself.

What is more, Mobiversal provides their clients with free 3-month maintenance, which includes everything from fixing bugs to launching new versions.


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