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As one of the first companies at Middle App Development, OpenXcell is extremely experienced and knows how to build the excellent application. Being at the origin of this field and setting the standards of qualitative mobile apps, we are considered one of the best enterprises, which provides beneficial solutions for mobile applications. We not only develop, but also choose the best strategies for the product to be successful and be in demand among customers.

Of course, OpenXcell does not stop on mobile phones. We try to expand our services to provide our clients not only with great mobile apps but also with impressing websites and web applications. We have gathered a team of professional web developers to give users a satisfactory experience in this field as well.

OpenXcell Services

We offer our competent help with Mobile App Design and Development, Custom Software & Web Application Development, Game Design, and Development, Scalable eCommerce and Retail, assistance in Website / Branding / Conversion Optimisation, Enterprise Content Management System, Cloud Deployment and Maintenance, Quality testing and Assurance.

OpenXcell Development Process

The Process of development of an app goes through several stages. Firstly, we communicate with our clients to understand their expectations and create a plan to foresee any challenges. Later on, we work on a draft of the future app in the form of wireframes. When the latter is approved, our best specialists create an original design and combine it with wireframes.

That is when the process of development starts and our client is given an opportunity to review it regularly. After the completion of this stage, we test an app for errors and prepare a Beta Build. On the final check, the application is ready to be launched: OpenXcell can submit it to App Stores or you can do it yourself. Finally, we provide maintenance of the product including fixing bugs, new versions etc.


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