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At the age of 18, Robert Patrick consulted and created software for a range of companies. It was in 1998 that he graduated from the university and established a company named PhD Computing Inc., which cooperated with such companies as ADP and Experian. However, Robert realised that is he wants to lead this enterprise to success and began to look for partners in the sphere of design. If to talk about the sphere of marketing and design of mobile applications, such names as John Driscoll, Jason Martinez, and Cliff Coglietti comes to your mind. These people are owners of Organic Sales, but when Robert contact them, they decided to merge with PhD Computing Inc. That is how PhD Labs appeared in 2011.

We began to renovate the company to become leaders of app development, and our efforts did not pass unnoticed. We have numerous grateful feedbacks and positive ranks at and Best Web Design Agency. Our team consists of approximately 50 professionals, who mainly work on start-up projects for them to get a foot into the door.

PhD Labs Services

PhD Labs have been working on the development of web software and mobile apps since 1998, so we have gained plenty of experience in that field. If you contact us, you can be sure of quality and success of your product. We offer assistance in:

Mobile Apps Development

Once you have a great idea or a fresh look on mobile phones, it is your duty to bring it to reality. PhD Labs will be glad to help you to turn a concept into functioning application.

Web Applications

No matter if you are a famous company or just a start-up, our best specialists will find best solutions you and your websites.

App Marketing

PhD Labs knows how important attention is so that our company will use all social platforms to talk your app up.

PhD Labs Development Process

PhD Labs has years of experience in the sphere of app building, during which we managed to divide this confusing process into simple steps: design, development, and launching.

The first step consists in the understanding of your business needs, a plan of how to bring them into technology world and building of wireframes and prototype of the future app.

The second step is all about development. That is when our senior staff works extensively to build an application and test it to be sure that everything is excellent.

Finally, the last, but an extremely important step to make. Usually, submission of an app into the market is a tricky process, but you can rely on us as we will face all the challenges about launching, instead of you.


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