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QBurst is an innovative company, which engages talented developers from all corners of the world. It offers software solutions and consulting services, which are based on cutting edge technologies.

More than 1200 staff members are experts in such fields as UX engineering, design, development, quality assurance, analytics and project management.

QBurst has an impressive portfolio with more than 650 completed projects, including analytics, app and web development, CRM, testing and cloud-based solutions. They are well-known on the market of similar services for providing high quality products for reasonable costs.

QBurst Services

QBurst offers a wide range of services, which help customers solve their specific tasks on the highest level:

  1. Analyzing the market and information, talking to users and customers, using data and learning more about problem areas – all these aspects are taken into account on the first stage of creating the product to make sure that it will correspond with all the clients’ needs;
  2. Using additional tools to make the perfect solution: charts, records, clear code and layouts. By understanding how Java and Salesforce performs, you will be able to get a dive into the world of content and follow all the stages yourself;
  3. Supporting all stages of the project implementation from creating design and specifications to developing the project. Their support team will answer all your questions and the project will be delivered in time;
  4. Testing the product on real life-models. Before launching your project they will test it thoroughly in various conditions to make sure it works perfectly;
  5. Making the decisions on feasibility of the project based on the analysis, problem solving and requirements’ evaluation.

We have experience working with big budget and risky applications, astll as working with third-party payment products like Monetra or getaways like QuickBooks, Clickatell and so on.

QBurst Development Process

QBurst is a service, which is ready for challenges and works with all sorts of tasks like creating consumer-focused apps and B2B applications. Their main goals are clear design, flexibility and enjoyment of use. They help enterprises broaden their horizons and enter the market of mobile apps to get the maximum results. Their team of outstanding designers and developers provides high-tech solutions for all sorts of problems the business might face.


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