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Founded in 2003, provides full-scale services that include developing new high-grade products from scratch. The company also deals with consultant assistance for both startups and well-established enterprises eager to introduce their new products to the market. This Thoughtbot review is to underline some of key features and advantages delivered by

The company is specialized in several fields ta range from UX and product design to iOS and Android development as well as Thoughtbot testing. boasts up to 300 employees with representation in different states and major US-based cities. With its headquarters in Boston, the enterprise introduces some of its branches in other locations. They include:

  • Thoughtbot London office;
  • Thoughtbot San Francisco office;
  • Representations in Philadelphia;
  • Offices in European cities including Stockholm.

Thoughtbot Services

The mission of this review is to highlight some of the essential services and specializations undertaken by the company. have enough experience and expertise to deal with different tasks in spite of the deadline and complexity. They will bring your every idea to life offering the following services:

Mobile Development

Thoughtbot Boston office can boast a pool of skillful and experienced developers as well as offices in other cities. They help customers build different products from scratch in spite of the mobile platform. According to Thoughtbot review, they can do the following:

  • Android Development – the company deals with building native applications for Android. Developers mainly use Java to create their award-winning mobile solutions. The service includes creating a strong design as well as delivering the app to all major market places;
  • iOS Development – the review reveals the ability of local specialists to deal with complicated native iOS products built from scratch. Developers use various programming languages ranging from Objective-C to Xcode. Native applications mean that the company never deals with third parties and is able to adopt any latest and advanced technologies painlessly.


Thoughtbot specialists deal with design and prototyping as the most crucial step of the development process. They are able to create an efficient concept of your future product showing its strong and weak spots. Google Ventures design sprints make it easy for the team to understand their customers’ needs and goals.

Additional services include web development using different other frameworks as well as Ruby Rails and more.

Thoughtbot Development Process

This Thoughtbot review would hardly be completed without the description of the company’s development process. For this reason, we have conducted a detailed review that displays a step-by-step structure of the process implemented by local specialists. It includes five crucial stages that come as follows:

  1. Building a concept of the main idea – the mission is to have a clear understanding of clients’ needs. At this stage, project managers provide a list of detailed specification.
  2. Design and prototyping – the team works with UX design, creates icons and builds a prototype of a future product.
  3. Development process – programmers and developers start implementing latest technologies to enable features clients want to see in their app.
  4. Testing and Revision – the debug process is certainly the key stage as well as QA testing and revision of the product before it is delivered to the app store.
  5. Submitting – at this stage, your app is submitted to the marketplace letting you start earning real money.


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