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XCubeLabs is one of software development providers, whose products gain popularity very quickly. The firm produced around 600 applications. For the present day XCubeLabs has served 500 companies. XCubeLabs is proud to deliver superior quality applications. They are leading on this market, leaving competitors behind. Many users of XCubeLabs applications like the design functionality and features. This group of professionals assists clients to improve business and gain good reputation. There are many innovative things that were offered by XCubeLabs team. Owing to them clients see positive changes in business. Specialists in this company always start with consultation, analysis and research. Getting excellent final result, client become 100% satisfied and then even come back to make new orders. Resolving business problems with XCubeLabs customers have smart and creative solution.  Their software development team is perfectly trained and motivated to offer extraordinary solutions for people. On top of that, there are 300 company’s representatives, consulting people from offices in different countries. Their commitment and professionalism are evident, because quality is their corporate sign.

XCubeLabs helps with any issues, having relation to development of mobile games, mobile software development, strategy planning and mobile solutions for businesses.

XCube LABS Services

  • Digital Strategy Consultations

This digital world is changeable but we know a lot about the latest technology news and tendencies. Actually, this knowledge helps app developers to serve clients professionally. Top mobile applications were created by our designers and app developers. We assist not only well established brands but also unfamiliar startups. Current technology opens unlimited possibilities for businesses that need mobile applications. we can help with it at any moment.

  • Mobile

People know us as a company, developing mobile apps for Apple devices. Our team successfully finished 700 applications and all of them are operating on different platforms. Our experts have counted that owing to our applications customers gained $2 billion profit. We serve popular businesses and small firms. All customers get unique approach and our full attention.

  • Design

All XCubeLabs employees are creative. We are ready to accept even the most difficult projects. We thoroughly plan and design future application, work on its interface and make better usability.

  • Our Strategy

There are many methods and ways to enlarge the database of clients and get more profit from own business. We have special services, oriented on quality business strategy planning. Our concepts as an app developers is to lead to successful business outcomes.

  • Marketing

Quality marketing is a core thing for every business. People are using mobile gadgets regularly, so marketing specialists understand importance of impacting potential customers via mobile applications. Using our effective methods we achieve good results in mobile application promotion. The application gets more downloads and becomes favorite for many people. It is a fact that our marketing approach greatly differs from tricks of our competitors.

  • Cross Platforms

Modern users choose various online platforms for their mobile applications. XCubeLabs experts can consult clients about cross platform development regarding platform fragmentation and mobile devices variety. Ordering this service you will see many advantages of multi-platform integration.

  • Cloud Services

There is a big connection between cloud and mobile services. Our team has diverse cloud services to offer. It is possible to form a cloud based strategy or even cloud migration. Firstly, we want to hear from you about your needs, then we will suggest the best cloud services.

  • Games Development

We are experienced in game development and we adore the games! Tap Zoo, Madagascar and Star Trek are games, created by our team. For the present day, our games have been downloaded more than 10 million times. XCubeLabs creates interesting games.

  • Wearables

We are doing functional applications for wearables. For instance, our applications for Google Glass, Smart Clothing or Google Watches became very popular.  Users like these applications.

  • Testing

At the final stages of application development testers are doing their job. This process involves all members from our large Quality Assurance department. All functions are doubled checked. Our testers won’t finish testing until they achieve complete application performance.

  • Device Integration

There are many hardware gadgets that could be integrated with mobile programs. Lots of enterprise owners know about it and want to apply it in business. We are dealing with device integration every day. Device integration can be simple, if to choose the effective methods.  We can help and teach!

  • Content Management

If you are looking for a quality content management assistance, you are in the right place. Apart from mobile application development, we deliver content management service. You will know different ways of content storage and control. Also, we can write any content for you.

  • Business Management Solutions

Do you want to know strong and weak sides of your business? XCubeLabs is able to build business development plan for your firm, based on analysis.

  • Smart TV

People prefer to entertain even when they are at home. Smart TV technology allows modern people connect any application and try new opportunities for entertainment.

  • Analytics

Business data management can become a challenging task for a number of people. You may always get our assistance with it. Thanks to well-crafted analytic report you will understand your business strength. XCubeLabs has changed many businesses using thorough analysis.

  • Internet of Things

Would you like to modernize the business? There is nothing complicated in it. Just try to focus on innovative things. Internet of things is a type of service, aimed to help clients to connect various gadgets in home, car or office with Internet technology.

XCube LABS Development Process

The application development cycle in XCubeLabs is subdivided into primary steps. You will know about them below. Testing alpha and beta versions we can be sure that the application’s functionality is quality. Thus, our team members are doing the following:

  1. Research and analyze information, received from a customer.
  2. Form good presentation with the application prototype.
  3. Planning project, doing budget estimation, setting the deadline.
  4. Define the core concept and find methods of its realization. Crafting the application design.
  5. Write the program code.
  6. Test the application.
  7. Release the final product.
  8. Maintenance and marketing.


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