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Y Media Labs is here to crash the boundaries and limitations when it comes to developing award-winning mobile apps. The company can boast a huge track record of successfully completed projects for some of the biggest names and well-established companies in their niches. A team of dedicated and creative experts will bring to life your most dare idea building a product from scratch in spite of its complexity and features.

Founded in 2008, the company can boast an enormous experience in the field of mobile app development introducing up to 1000 professionals who work as a one team to exceed your expectations and provide 100% customers’ satisfaction. Y Media Labs represents an efficient business model marked by such huge industry names as Forbes, Apple, Business Insider and more.

Y Media Labs Services

We managed to work out our own unique approach to every customer letting you see what you have never seen before. Every project is limited by your mind only. We will break the edge and take you far beyond traditional understanding of how a modern mobile app should look like. We enable:

  • Competitive Analysis and Research;
  • Audience Insights;
  • Market Exploration;
  • Efficient Marketing Strategy Development;
  • Growth Hacking and more.

This is all to deliver our award-winning services that include:

  • Visual Design and Architecture;
  • QA Testing;
  • Prototyping and Research.

Y Media Labs Development Process

We introduce our self-established development process that has proved to be efficient and successful in spite of the project. It features the following crucial steps:

  1. Research and investigation of your key goals and purposes. We try to be in our customers’ shoes to understand what they want and need.
  2. We define your main competitors in the niche and learn from them. The idea is to provide a better product if compared with you key rivals.
  3. This is where we come up with necessary technical specifications and build a beta-version of the future project necessary for testing.
  4. After all bugs are fixed, we have a completed project ready to hit the headlines of all leading app stores.

Marketing your application is the last but not the least. We will enable its rapid growth and recognition among target audience.


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