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Yalantis refers to firms, developing iOS and Android applications. Yalantis quickly became a popular software provider on the market.

There is a great number of completed projects by Yalantis team. Our customers are very diverse, as we serve startups and well-known companies from America, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine and Norway.

We are experienced in development of graphics and diverse features for iOS and Android applications. We are aimed to deliver the best results for people who believe in us and need quality application. Even challenging projects are completed in time. Clients are always happy with the positive outcomes, they receive applications with perfect functionality.

Yalantis Services

Yalantis’s area of specialization is software development. In general, this process in Yalantis consists of 3 big stages: strategy forming, design and development.

  • Strategy Forming

Every time we start a new project we begin to plan the strategy. This is a moment when we can consider and plan many details, important for successful application realization.

The future application is analyzed and planned. We analyze every function of the application. In order to make in depth analysis we are considering all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In other words, we do SWOT analysis.

Application Definition
We should outline the main idea of the software program, its target purpose and definition. It is made for users, because software functionality should be clear. Also, we name the product and work on its description, that is later uploaded to Google Play Store or App Store. Clients can be involved at any stage of the process, because their opinion is very important.

User Acquisition Approach
Creation of action plans is necessary to build and develop good software products for customers. We pay attention to social media prospecting, acquisition tactics, marketing opportunities and growth hacking.

Market Analysis
Market analysis is a fundamental thing in every development process. We have to understand needs of the final users. Depending on that we plan application features. Our professionals are using marketing methods to analyze the market. Later we apply this analysis for building promotion campaign.

Key Performance Indicators Evaluation
Key Performance Indicators analysis gives us a full vision of the product realization. In other words, we see the aim and find effective methods to achieve it. This approach helped us to develop multiple useful functions.

Retention Strategy
The user retention strategy is a way for the application popularity. It is very vital to understand needs of the users. What functions will they like? What features should be added? How will users get notifications? What social platforms do they want to use? Our team finds answers to these questions.

  • Design

Our applications should be perfectly designed. We strive to do it in every project. When developing software application we never forget about the target audience. Design should not be too complicated, so Yalantis professionals are finding ways to make it simple.

Prior to designing the application we perform market analysis. It means that we carefully review similar products of competitors. Doing this competitive analysis, Yalantis gets bigger opportunities for designing superior application.

Information Architecture
Having good graphical models we see how the application will look like. After researching market information and business objectives we build the concept. Thus, we create necessary diagrams and charts based on the main concept.

Graphic Design
One of the principal steps is making an application design. To put it briefly, it will be hard to impact users without clear product design. Using new technology approach we aim to model quality design.

All our actions are based on initial research. The same concerns application design. We start with data evaluation and analyze the whole picture. That is to say we try to predict behavior of potential users and understand their needs. Research takes some time, but this is a fundamental thing for design creation.

Interaction and UX Designing
Any applications should have a clickable prototype. Firstly, it is used by our development team, secondly, customers should see the prototype as well. Prototypes are formed due to a number of sketches, wireframes, mockups and so on.

The application must be easily usable. Usability includes many factors such as application structure, design and information architecture. Product usability is always tested. When we are ready with this step, we suggest clients to estimate the application usability. Client’s opinion plays important role here.

  • Development

Yalantis is a place to get awesome development services for Android and iOS devices. We are interested to deliver quality mobile application and satisfy the client.

Planning the Project
Usually our development process starts with making of so called project development map. We form a draft of the future mobile program. Project planning should be focused on many details. Our “Minimum Viable Product” approach allows us to offer cost effective solutions.

API Design
REST programming is a key factor in the development process, so we use RESTful APIs

Quality Control
We plan and develop application functions, relying on primary business objectives.  When the application is partially ready we begin to check its quality. Our quality assurance team controls every function. If there are no bugs, we move forward. We test until the application becomes perfect.

Product Enhancement
In order to make the application popular we need to apply our promotion methods. We do a range of activities purposed to promote client’s applications.

Android and iOS Soft Development
Development process in Yalantis involves several repeated cycles. They are called iterations. As a rule one iteration lasts approximately two weeks. This is a period for developers when they continue to write the code and add features. Other members of large Yalantis team are also engaged into the process, discussing, making suggestions, testing the applications, etc.

Control Panel Development
Control panel or admin panel is a part of the application, created for diverse control activities. It must be also perfect and functional We are doing control panel design and development.

Support and Updates
The world grows and develops. Mobile applications are released very often with new functionality and great features. If you want to keep your application updated, we can add various features. Specially for it we have Support and Updates service.

Yalantis Development Process

Here are the major parts of application development process.

Initially we collect and research all needed info, for example project concept, preferred functionality, supported devices and versions. During the first part we specify order details. Also, we should define delivery date.

The second part is a period to plan the application. Usually it is subdivided into:

  • Planning
  • Product documentation writing
  • Design sketches
  • User reviews
  • Thorough project evaluation

The third part of this large process concerns application development. The best developers from Yalantis will make application prototype. Getting client’s approval we continue to make design and write code. Then we prepare demo version for the client. QA team tests the application.

The fourth part is rolling out the application. However, this is not the last part.

At this step we offer post release support, application maintenance and updates.


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